Unlock the presenter within

Each and everyone one of us has the ability to communicate in a way that connects, evokes emotion and inadvertently influences the audience.

To be at your best, finding your passion and confidence to ‘unlock the presenter within’ is what we help you do.

What we don’t do is try to change YOU. Your uniqueness is the essence of what we believe is powerful communication.


Great presenters create ‘genuine connection’ with their audience.

Creating ‘genuine connection’ is the essence of The Bulmer Group since inception.

From day one, Tony Bulmer, the founder and owner of The Bulmer Group, has challenged the stereotype of prescriptive coaching – making people behave as someone they’re not. He has always believed presenting is not about acting.

Tony’s approach focuses on content clarity, relevance and most importantly engagement.

Engagement is achieved by those who are natural and comfortable, real, empathetic, and ultimately exposing of their personality. What’s unique about Tony Bulmer’s style is that he helps people celebrate their quirks.

Tony is one of the most experienced specialist in Presentation skills coaching in National and International markets. Tony Bulmer has coached and delivered programs in Australia, UK, New Zealand, Dubai (Emirates) and throughout many Asian countries.

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Finding a Program that’s right for you

In all programs the intention is to assess and develop crucial presentation ingredients:

  • Message Clarity
  • Presence
  • Engagement Presenter
  • Comfort
  • Rapport
  • Preparation Efficiency

These strategies are developed in accordance with an individual’s unique and natural demeanor and personality. There is NO ‘one size fits all’ in Tony’s coaching methods.

The following four program categories are a guide to help you decide what direction best suits you. Please also get in contact with Tony, to further tailor the program to your specific outcomes and environment.


Develop your skills in a range of presentation situations for the business world.


    This is The Bulmer Group signature program, and can be run for any level of presenter.

    2 days. 5-6 people.


    This workshop lifts the bar, to ensure a presenter’s performance is aligned with the expectations associated with a more senior and often more high profile role.

    2 days. 5 people.


    This workshop is for presenters who are just starting out on their careers.

    Duration and Participant numbers determined with client consultation.


    This day packages up all the insights of the Presenting To Win ‘workshop’ for a larger group. It’s an interactive and engaging day and an affordable vehicle for people who just want the concepts, without the one-on-one coaching. It is also an ideal ‘first step’ for people who need to perform at a high level, prior to participating in a small group workshop.

    1 Day. From 20-40 people.


A private and totally discreet space for open feedback. This will develop a person’s presentation skills whilst completely tailoring the outcomes to their current and future career path.


This provides subjective support with content messaging and delivery impact for specific, real world presentation events, such as, internal strategic announcements, new product launches, new business pitches, industry conferences, to name a few. The goal is to focus solely on achieving the desired outcomes for a specific event.


An extensive confidential ‘audit’ involving interviewing key target audiences crucial to a presenter, collecting otherwise difficult to obtain feedback, combined with Tony’s expertise in observing and deconstructing. This is a powerful base to quickly and accurately identify a 12 month presentation skills ‘development strategy’.

Why our clients keep coming back

  • Tony has a great rapport with everyone he works with which leads to really successful individual outcomes. We’ve seen really confident sales people articulate themselves better, while less experienced ones delivered more confidence. It’s a simple method that really works for us.

    John Moroney, National Sales Manager – Baiada Poultry

  • Tony has helped our people re-think not just how they present material but also why they are presenting it. His style and manner of coaching enables you to be your authentic self and to play to your strengths to deliver compelling presence and content.

    CEO, Leading Financial Institution

  • I did Tony Bulmer’s 2 day workshop just over 12 months ago and it was absolutely the best workplace training I have ever taken part in. It was relevant, targeted, extremely practical and challenging in all the right ways. It is by far the training that has had the most impact on my success at work in the last 10 years since I have been in business.

    Major Travel Industry Client

  • As a facilitator Tony was able to provide a safe place for the group of participants to practise skills without fear of failure.  His style is pragmatic, he will push you when needed and he brings a unique sense of humour into the workshop – you learn whilst also having a good laugh!

    Top 4 Australian Bank 

  • His work is unparalleled and today I go out of my way to introduce him to my clients. Tony adds exceptional value; working authentically with people to bring out the best in them. I can honestly say I wouldn’t use anyone else.

    Director, HR Consulting Services

The first step to ‘unlocking the presenter within’

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